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Skyspace Lech. Be amazed by a unique art project

Art in the Alpine landscape of the Arlberg

With Skyspace Lech, the well-known holiday town of Lech in Vorarlberg provides visitors who have an affinity for art with yet another attraction. Since summer 2018 guests can see the skies from a new perspective in Skyspace Lech. This walk-in art installation by internationally renowned American artist James Turrell on the Tannegg in Oberlech invites you to pause for thought and be amazed in the midst of a unique mountain panorama.

James Turrell visited Lech in September 2014 on the initiative of the "Horizon Field" association, was impressed by the high mountain landscape and by the location of Tannegg. Upon returning to his home, Flagstaff in Arizona, James Turrell started on the design of Skyspace Lech.

In harmony with nature

Skyspace and Arlberg landscape
Skyspace in the Arlberg © Florian Holzherr

At first glance this building and work of art nestles inconspicuously into the Alpine landscape. It projects out of the ground like a flat cylinder. Access is gained through a tunnel proceeding directly into the mostly subterranean, oval main room (9 by 6 by 5.2 metres). The oval opening in the ceiling provides direct views to the skies of Lech, while a bench invites you to sit and pause for thought. There is also a light installation which immerses the walls and ceilings in changing coloured light after dusk. The ceiling opening can be covered with a movable dome, illuminated with its own light effects, creating an exciting play of colour.

Surrounded by panoramic views of the Lech mountains

Skyspace Lech is accessible via a public hiking trail. A path branches off from here, proceeding via the east side of Tannegg hill to the tunnel entrance. It was no coincidence that James Turrell chose this as the location for his art piece; after all when you look around, the panorama is amazing. The mountain landscape is breath-taking and there is a visual axis from Bürstegg to the impressive summit of the Biberkopf.

Art and cultural holiday on the Arlberg

Along with the art project on the Green Ring, Lech am Arlberg also inspires with art in the natural surroundings with Skyspace. Enjoy the combination of an activity-oriented holiday, enjoying relaxation and art in Lech am Arlberg in the Romantic Hotel Krone. Lots of art and cultural events provide inspiration for the public in Lech am Arlberg, like the Lech Classic Festival, Jazzbühne Lech and Philosophicum.

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