Medicinicum Lech

Unique public health event in Vorarlberg

A retreat, and the ambience of privacy that prevails in the mountain village of Lech, means it is excellently suited to reflecting on many challenging topics. While in the autumn it is philosophers who meet in the Arlberg, at the start of July at the Medicinicum event in sport.park.lech, it is health that is the focus. The medical symposium in the Arlberg, initiated in 2014, is Vorarlberg's biggest public health event.

High-quality medical conference in the Arlberg

People in the forest
Lots of contributors from a wide range of sectors provide elucidation on topics

The spiritual father of Medicinicum Lech is Prof. Dr. Markus M. Metka. Born in Feldkirchen, an anti-aging specialist and scientific leader of the medical conference in the Arlberg. In just a few years the Medicinicum has firmly become an institution, one that is held in high regard by visitors. High-quality speakers from a variety of disciplines, which extend beyond traditional medicine, provide elucidation on topics which change each year.

2014: Staying young – getting old

2015: Let food be your medicine

2016: Stress – curse or blessing? Being healthy in hectic times

2017: Many routes lead to health. Recipes from East and West

2018: Pleasure – Addiction – Health

2019: The healthy person in a healthy environment

Holistic consideration of health-based topics

Medicinicum Lech purposefully has the holistic aspiration of including western and eastern medicine and also alternative forms of healing, providing both with an equal footing. The symposium is made up of representatives from human sciences, such as philosophers and sociologists – a mix that is pre-destined to provide exciting discussions and insights.

As well as presentations and discussions, a programme of supporting events lends some variety to the Medicinicum. With cooking courses, herbal hikes, wine tasting and yoga sessions, you get to put the recommendations for a healthy life into practice, in the area around the Arlberg.

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Medicinicum Lech
Booking date Wed, July 8. 2020 – Sun, July 12. 2020
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Medicinicum Lech
Booking date Wed, Aug. 26. 2020 – Sun, Aug. 30. 2020
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International summer school. Eu-HEM meets Medicinicum

Since 2018 in the run-up to Medinicum Lech, a summer school run by the European Health Economics & Management international study programme, is held. Over 60 international students work together with the local community on topics involving health policy, before the 4-day Medicinicum starts.

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